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Punk Junk Cafe

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Wednesday 2nd May @ the new Sheffield Squat Cafe (central location)

From 7.30pm

For location details see

Join the unhealthy vegan's for heart disease food movement

After their first outing at last year's Sheffield's punx picnic at the squatted Matilda Social Centre, the Punk Junk cafe crew return for another night of vegan junk food. On the menu again:

  • Bacon butties with lashings of ketchup and mayo (will add lettuce and tomato for health freaks)

  • Hot sausage sarnies

  • Sausage rolls

  • Cake

  • Cookies

  • Flapjack

  • The ultimate coronary inducing cheesecake

  • and.....

  • more cake......

  • Zapatista coffee for caffeine addicts with a conscience

Bring your own beer to wash it down

But food without fun is like gin without tonic. So for one night only only.........

ANOTHER STATE OF MIND film (78 mins)

“Under the makeup. Over the edge. An incredible journey through the underground”

In the summer of 1982, video/filmmakers Peter Stuart and Adam Small came upon a large-scale project which immediately captured their imagination: The Better Youth Organization of Los Angeles was planning a North American tour – eleven assorted punks traveling across the country in a broken down school bus. It was a chance to explore and document the punk rock community more extensively than ever before. For six weeks and ten thousand miles they recorded the adventures of the two touring bands – Youth Brigade and Social Distortion. More than just concert footage, this film documents the rich collection of characters in and around the tour, and the hardships and dangers of life on the road.


We have spent all day sunday going through our records and making up crap questions. Come and pit your wits against our nerdy questions. Can you complete the lyrics to a Discharge song, recognise a Sex Pistols' intro, or know when bands released their first EP? There will be 20 punk geek questions, 10 intros and 10 next lyric lines!

If there is time there will also be PINGO!, that is Punk Bingo!

Punk Junk Cafe events
7:30pm to 11:30pm Wednesday 2 May 2007

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